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picaria digital investment


Our mission & services

p i c a r i a sees a decentralized and digital assets economy as game-changer and enabler for next society steps regarding social inclusivness, green growth and global sustainable development.


We provide our customers with next generation digital solutions to leverage and diversify the potential of sustainable, regenerative and decentralized finance and assets infrastructure. We truly believe, that next technologies as blockchain and smart contracts helps coping mankind to fight the grand challenge of our time. By developing, integrating and collaborations we provide solutions, that evolve innovation and support education skills.

In the digital decentralized age, a wider new understanding of aspects as property and digital ownership, ESG investments, identity, smart contracts, microtransactions and crypto payment mechanisms, embedded AI, internet of things and metaverse applications become more relevant.


We want to find innovative solutions, business models and generative ways to make our society and economy more trustful, open, safer und resilient. We want to help our clients to onboard a decentralized economy and work together becoming the world a better and inclusive place for sustainable growth.

The evolution has yet started. Get onboard.

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Digital Assets Management Tokenization

Staking Solutions



Smart Contracts

Web3 Applications

Education & Trainings


Finance (DeFi)


picaria.LAB (Research)



Internet of Things

Mining Solutions 

Where we are in

Management of Digital Assets & Innovation TEC Services

Managing assets and property along classical and digital investment class using next generation technology and systems to provide cutting-edge-services.

Work & Global Footprint

With an international profound network of partners, investors and accelerators we are able to provide with solutions in different sectors and countries.

Feel free to contact us.

Partnerships Mission

We develop projects and partnering along the value chain with new sectors and start-ups. We truly think, that the next boost of economic value comes from co-creating in corporate venturing ecosystems and vision of hubs.

If we want to be part of the smart digital society, there is basic need for building symbiotic relationships and fruitful cooperations.

Why Choose Us

15+ Years of Experience

Technology holistic 360 degree 

Certified & Track Record Professionals

Network of Start Ups & Corporate Venturing Teams

International Investment Netwerk

Passion to create future solutions

What's next

Start a common journey and onboard now.

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